About Us

Zoltan Remeny started Remy Leather 42 years ago as to cater to a sophisticated and discriminating customer. Begun with the concept of blending European craftsmanship coupled with the finest skins in the world, Remy's dedication to sourcing select skins from the most creative tanneries in Europe is an ongoing effort that highlights exclusivity of each garment. Each skin is uniquely designed to Remy's specifications for both style and function. With an eye towards fit and a commitment to using innovative manufacturing processes, Remy's brand continues to create wearable leather wear with a balance of style and comfort. 


Producing garments in it's own factory in Los Angeles, California, Remy is able to maintain a consistency of exacting construction and provide retailers with both forward fashions and superior customer service. In 2007, Justin Remeny, grandson of the founder, took over the leadership of the company and added a collection of quality and detail oriented fabric apparel to the already successful leather collection. Nicole Goodwin, granddaughter, of Zoltan Remeny, provides the design innovation and style trending that captures the heritage established years ago. The revolutionary concepts created by Remy in apparel is the hallmark that will lead it into the future.