Our Process

Production at Remy Leather is a thorough, exacting endeavor.  There is an unparalleled craftsmanship, handwork and attention to detail by our professional, highly skilled staff.  Each step ensures the quality of the finished product. 


    Remy Leather luxury begins with the excellence of the skins we use. Our unique selection of skins include lambskins, goatskins and calf skins chosen from only the top ten percent of the skins available throughout the world. Our fabric offerings are woven from the finest imported fabrics from Italian mills. All of the leather and material must meet Remy’s exacting specifications.


    Matching incorporates the first inspection step, of many, that goes into the construction of a Remy Leather garment; this process demands a keen eye in sorting the six to seven skins needed to make a garment. The selection is matched for consistency of color, grain, texture, and thickness. 

    Both a skill and an art, cutting for Remy Leather requires an excellent eye and a steady hand. Remy cutters know which part of the skin works best for each part of the garment.

    The next step, bundling, sets up the quality for the rest of the production. To make sure that the cutting was consistent and that there are no imperfections, the bundler closely examines each piece of the garment. Once all the pieces pass inspection for their quality and consistency, they are bundled together and made ready for sewing. 

    Perfect adhesion of the fusing material (fusible) to the leather means that there are minimal bubbles and wrinkles in the garment. Proper fusing results in flawless collars, cuffs, and plackets that lay just as they were designed.

    The quality of Remy stitch work is evident throughout the garment, but most particularly in the pocket details and top stitching. We demand precisely ten stitches to the inch, no matter if a seam is straight or curved. Clean and smooth, every seam is completed with a tack at the finish of each detail.

    After pockets and seam details are complete, the garment is put together. Assembly calls for a special skill, particularly when setting the sleeves and collar. Likewise, to correctly join the lining to the garment and attach the zipper, requires a unique skill.

    Remy finishing means a beautiful, product with instant hanger appeal. We press the entire garment, not just the cuffs and collar. Finally, we sew on the buttons and attach the snaps, using trims of the utmost quality.